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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The "Tea" Party, The "Coffee" Party, The "Whiskey" Party, The "Party! Party!" Party

First, of all the definitions of the word "party", we feel strongly that the most applicable definition for "political party" would be "a social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement", but to that we would add "at the awkward discomfort and extreme detriment of the entire populace resulting from gettin reamed by the political partyers" after we vote them into office based on their so-called 'campaign promises' which always turn out to actually be 'blatant lies'...

Anyway, you may not have heard, but in addition to the Democ-RATS and the Re-POOP-LICKER-cans, we now have the Teabagger-Head Party and the Coffeed-Up Party, so how about establishing the Whiskey Party, a.k.a. the Party Party. The platform of this new bunch of party animals, would be that they all just simply admit to being totally corrupt, and like the good old early days of TV when we had the "Rat Pack" to look up to as an example of how we all should aspire to be, with celebs like Dean Martin and Frank Sin-atra having prime time shows where they come out smoking a cigarette and already with a drink in hand and obviously tipsy, every whiskey party member just openly gets high and does perverted things (wait a minute, the other politicos already do that). No lies, no deceptions, just be real. Hey, might as well vote for them, they might actually screw up and do something right....

We are not sure what the motto of the buggering Tea Buggers is (maybe, "soak it"?), but we do know that the Coffee Partyers are espousing "wake up" policies, so the Whiskey Party motto could be "get tanked and screwup" -- not so different from the Reek-Pubs and the Demon-Rats, just not on pharmaceuticals and more down to earth and honest...

Nowadays, with all the "political corruptness" bulloney, oh, er, um, that should have been "political correctness" bulloney, they simply must avoid celebs smoking and drinking on TV, so instead we have drug commercials where the happy people take drugs to get horny, drugs to be calm, drugs just to breathe, and of course drugs to be able to sleep at night because they are such crooks.

Come on people, get out a bottle of whiskey and get, well, get well, better than those damn pharma drugs that make people into complete morons (aka, Reepubs and Demonrats) not to mention mass murderers and serial killers.

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